Why Host An Appraisal Roadshow?


Why Host A Show?


It’s educational.

Our experts provide the audience – your audience – with valuable information. Attendees gain a whole new understanding of the jewelry and antique industries, including advice on what their personal valuables are worth and what they can do with them. The information we provide is intended to help people make informed decisions about their personal property, whether they want to insure, restore, sell, bequeath or re-purpose it.

It can help you attract new clients and grow your business.

The Appraisal Roadshow can help you get in front of new prospects and strengthen your relationships with existing clients.  When you host a show, you’ll be building goodwill by providing your clientele with valuable information at no cost to them.  You’ll be demonstrating your value while showing your guests a great time.


It’s fun.

Our primary objective is for guests to walk away with smiles on their faces.  The Appraisal Roadshow is a fun and interesting social event with the versatility to fit any number of occasions and purposes.


It’s free.

Who doesn’t love free?  Plus, the show can even be turned into a fundraiser to support charitable causes.

Learn More About Fundraising Opportunities Here

Ready To Take The Next Step?


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