How to Host a Show

6 Steps To Host A Show

It’s simple to host an Appraisal Roadshow.  Read these 6 easy steps to learn how.



1. Familiarize yourself with the event by watching this short video.





2. Read about what to expect.


Before hosting, you should understand how the event functions and what the audience should expect to see and do before, during and after the show.  Learn more about the event by clicking on the button below:


What To Expect






3. Think about where and how you want to hold the event.


Every host has different needs.  For some, an intimate cocktail party at home is the perfect setting for a show.  Others rent out concert halls or movie theaters.  Some hosts hold their Appraisal Roadshow during a lunch or dinner event.  We can tailor each show to your needs and the needs of your audience, so give this subject some thought before you book.

Remember, the host is responsible for securing a suitable location for the show.

Stadium Seating






4. Consider how you will promote the event.


Our marketing team will work directly with you to create brand-consistent invitations, mailers, HTML emails and any other materials you might need to promote the event. All you have to do is send them out!  The key to a successful Appraisal Roadshow is a great audience, so marketing the event is crucial.


Hosts are required to submit all marketing and advertising materials to our marketing team for final approval before publishing.





5. Take a look at our calendar to see when we are available.


We post all of our scheduled shows online, so you can see which dates and times are available.  When you call, it helps to have a few tentative dates in mind for your event.


Check Out Our Calendar





6. When you’re ready to book, contact us to get started.


When you’re ready to book your Appraisal Roadshow, or if you have questions about the hosting process, give us a call at 703-650-5034.  You can also click on the button below to contact us via email.

Contact Us

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