Fundraising with the Appraisal Roadshow


The Appraisal Roadshow makes for a great fund-raising event.  While the show provides a fun, entertaining and educational forum where your invited guests bring their personal treasures and learn what it is worth, organizations may charge admission to the show to raise money.  Paradigm Experts, the sponsor of the Appraisal Roadshow, will not charge any fees.


Paradigm-110 Charitable Contribution Program


In the spirit of the charitable event, if any of the attendees of the event attendees sell their personal property treasures to Paradigm Experts, the seller will receive two (2) checks – one check for their treasure and another check for 10% of that amount made payable to the charitable organization.  The Paradigm-110 Program will run for 60 days from the date of the Show.



Please contact us if you are interested in hosting the Appraisal Roadshow for your next fundraising event.