Why Attend a Show?

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Show


Do you own an inherited piece of jewelry, a silver tea service, an antique clock, piece of art, or some other heirloom you’re curious about?  At the Appraisal Roadshow, you’ll have an opportunity to get a professional appraisal of its value and expert advice on what you can do with it.




1. An answer to that age old question: Is it trash or treasure?


Chances are you’ve inherited some items in your lifetime that you’ve kept but you’re really not sure what to do with.  They might be at home collecting dust, but sometimes these pieces can have historical significance or be worth quite a lot of money.  Sentimental value is important, but it’s also critical to know what exactly you have in your inventory and how much it’s worth.

The Appraisal Roadshow is a forum aimed at answering this burning question for each and every item we appraise.









2. Valuable market information


Depending on what members of the audience bring to the show, you might find that something you own is actually worth more than you thought.  That might mean you should increase your insurance coverage to make sure the piece is adequately protected. Or, it might mean that now is a great time to sell.  Whatever you choose, it’s important to be well-informed.



When you attend a show, you’ll get insights from our experts about market trends and what’s hot (or not) right now.





Antique Preservation


3. Tips on how to preserve and treat your valuables


Appraisal Roadshow’s presenters are all trained experts in jewelry, collectibles and antiques.  Our experts have tips on how to care for rare and valuable treasures, and they are at the show to share their wealth of knowledge with you.  Have questions?  This is your opportunity to ask the experts!







4. Access to a network of appraisers & buyers


While many members of our live audience bring in pieces they would never consider getting rid of, many others bring in items that they are interested in selling. If you are downsizing and trying to figure out what to do with all of the stuff you have accumulated over the years, it helps to know professionals who can advise you on the value of your personal property.  Our network of accredited experts can provide strategies on what you might want to do with your valuables.






5. Last but not least – you’ll have a great time!



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