What to Expect

What to Expect at the Appraisal Roadshow


The Appraisal Roadshow lasts approximately one hour. During the show, our professional appraisers will educate the audience with fun facts and information about each treasure before giving verbal appraisals of the individual items brought by the guests.


todd at roadshow


Some Industry Context


For starters, the experts will explain the difference between an insurance appraisal and a fair market value appraisal. Each member of the audience will receive both types of appraisals during the show, but understanding the distinction is critical as it has a big impact on the appraised value of any given item.



Interactive Valuation


After a brief introduction to how appraisals function and what they are used for, our Appraisers will randomly choose items to appraise in front of the audience. They will ask if the owner has any background information about the item (where they got it, and any other information they would like to share) and explain three key points about the piece:

1. What it is

2. What it’s worth

3. What the owner can do with it


Part of appraising jewelry, fine art, antiques and collectibles (among other things) is understanding the relevant market conditions for the various types of items – simply put, supply vs. demand.  Our experts will fill you in on what’s hot and what’s not in today’s market.



Wrap-Up and Q&A


Any items not appraised during the Roadshow will be evaluated after the show. Our experts will stay as long as necessary to make sure every guest gets his or her item appraised.  They will also be happy to answer any questions about their areas of expertise.