About The Appraisal Roadshow

What is the Appraisal Roadshow?


The Appraisal Roadshow delivers a treasure hunt experience in an entertaining and educational forum. Members of our live audience bring their personal treasures to the event, where our appraisal experts educate the audience with interesting facts and information on:

what it is,

what it’s worth, and

what you can do with your treasure.


The Appraisal Roadshow is sponsored by Paradigm Experts, a network of accredited experts that provides clients with strategies on what to do with their personal property in order to make informed decisions and maximize the value of their valuables.



Want to host?


The Appraisal Roadshow is quickly becoming the event of choice for many organizations.   The exciting and informative approach to educating the audience about their treasures, as well as providing other relevant fun facts, keeps audiences engaged for the entire 1 hour show.  Our appraisal experts ensure that each treasure is evaluated and your guests will leave happy.   Click here to read testimonials from our hosts and guests.


If you are a Non-Profit Organization, the Appraisal Roadshow makes an excellent fundraising opportunity.  Click here to learn more.


We will support your marketing and advertising efforts by providing customizable marketing templates. Moreover, we work closely with you during this process to ensure your event is an exceptional experience for everyone.

Click here to find out how you can host your own Appraisal Roadshow.

Hosting Information


Want to attend?


If you are interested in attending the Appraisal Roadshow, check out our calendar to find out when the show will be coming to a venue near you.  Please be sure to bring a personal treasure to the show for our expert appraisers to evaluate and provide you with:

  • Interesting facts about your treasure,
  • Information on how much it is worth, and
  • Strategies on what to do with it.


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